Why Design Your School’s Website?

This concept identifies the device visitors are using and optimizes your website for full functionality and superior user-friendliness. Design: As more and more people spend more time on your website, it’s important that you create an aesthetically pleasing look and feel. Consciously or unconsciously, an attractive design gives your website a sense school websites of legitimacy, care and warmth. Add your school’s colors and logos to create a sense of community with visitors. And include photos of students illustrating academic achievement and student life as a way to humanize their online presence. Websites have long been staples for schools that want to engage students, families, and the community.

This is your school’s “brand” and the reason why parents may recognize it as a place to send their children. The success and well-being of our students depends on our ability to adapt to this rapidly changing environment and use the best tools available to facilitate learning. Rooted in student research and results, Michigan Virtual’s comprehensive school-wide programs allow you to drive meaningful innovation at your school to better serve your students, your staff, and your community. NEA remains committed to ending gun violence in our country’s public schools and communities. Access our resources to support the mental health of students and teachers, address crises and advocate for safer schools.

Improve your website navigation and visual appeal, and add information that parents want to know. Having a clean, modern and easy to navigate website can be the deciding factor for parents when choosing a school! Your school’s website should communicate the educational benefits of attending your school. Use the documentation in your newly organized curriculum to indicate what programs the school offers.

Or your school has a French immersion program and sends students on an educational journey to France to develop global skills. Stand out because it’s different, as it makes your school the only option for students who want the unique education it offers. Defining what that looks like and expressing it to your community is important. Your school’s unique factor may be sports teams, special programs, faith-based instruction, or a unique approach to classroom learning.

Many success stories of students and teachers can be shared on this digital property. In addition, it is an excellent tool for communication with stakeholders and future perspectives. One of the most crucial features to keep parents and students up to date is this feature. School quality profile reports are available for schools, school departments, and the state. TeacherDirect provides a direct line of communication with teachers and lecturers in the classroom. TeacherDirect contains information about new educational resources created by VDOE staff, as well as professional development, grant opportunities, and other information of particular interest to faculty and their students.

However, schools went into digital hyperdrive with the arrival of COVID-19. In response to the virus, educational institutions offered fully remote or hybrid options pending a vaccine from governments and the health care system. School fundraising websites include tools designed to make it easier to create your campaign. By guiding you through the process, these platforms can help you avoid forgetting items you need to make your fundraiser successful. Most private schools, universities, and colleges probably rely on SEO to find future students.