When Should You Hire Your First Seller?

Many startup founders address this person as an early shot, and when someone is on board, it is often pointed out that a sales process has been or is being set up. It is one of the most common and painful hiring mistakes you can make and you will definitely want to avoid it. Stories about sales people who steal the customer base or are a rather grumpy person are not so rare.

At this point, it is time to hire management positions such as a sales manager or sales manager. The next phase in your startup’s growth is to hire your first two sales staff. At this early stage, you should look at the young salespeople who are just starting out, not a veteran representative. First, young salespeople often strive to develop their skills and try new sales methods to find out what works for their company.

Your success depends on your own attitude: your skills, experience and drive. This means that the one who sells often is much more important than what he sells. And for startups, the right person to sell can mean the difference between Outsourced sales for startups the life and death of the company. The attitude of your first seller is an exciting part of the business growth process. This means not only that you no longer have to, but also someone with more experience in selling than you.

First trust your product to good sellers to ensure that you already have a successful sales process at the start of climbing. Finding the first sales staff for your startup can be challenging, but the most powerful will help you grow quickly in the early days. Make sure that you present the candidates through an interview process that clearly discovers whether they have the four soft skills and three sales skills mentioned above or not. You will say a lot of “no” when you do this, but if you make the offer and find acceptance, you have a much higher chance of success.

For this reason, most business owners go through the sales process and start their public activity as the face of their company. They take care of promotional sale communication before they think about hiring a sales manager. If you have found the adaptation of the product market and understood that more than 5 customers have to be managed, you need help with the sale. It is not uncommon for a startup to employ a seller without real income, but as a viable minimum product.