What Advantages For 3 Different Types Of Belt Warmers??

A performance solution that lowers the temperature of the element and extends its life. The result is more efficient heat transfer, which lowers the temperatures of the cables of the element and extends the life of the belt heating. Mica belt warmers are built with a wired mica core wound. The leads are joined before the last outer pods are put together to complete the stove. Our Mica Band heaters can be installed directly on barrel heaters without the initial heating removal.

Manufacturer of standard and custom mica heaters, including belt warmers. The belt heaters are made of one or two construction parts with the maximum day. Belt warmers include mica insulation, tape element, oxidation-resistant steel cover, radial locking tabs and pole clamps. The operating Mica Band temperature ranges from 300 degrees F to 900 degrees F with watts per square. Applications include cylinders, dies, drums, storage tanks, injections or blow molding machines and plastic extruders. To provide indoor heating, belt heaters can be used as motherboard heaters.

Tire heaters are available in voltage classifications of 110 VCA, 208 VCA, 220 VCA and 440 VCA. One-piece mica tire heating, flexible cables with stainless steel overbreak, with a 1/2 “space and special strap. If your mica belt warmers have pole clamps, make sure to use high temperature ring terminals. Standard ring terminals will boil to become brittle and break easily, creating a short film.

Temperature controllers, thermostats, temperature sensors, thermocouples, thermistors, cable connectors, relays and connection accessories are also available. An expandable heater (made as a one-piece heater, but notched and designed to bend to fit a cylinder and then close it), flexible cables with a stainless steel hose at one end, separate belt. One-piece expandable (made as a one-piece heater, but notched and designed to bend over a cylinder and then closed), flexible cables with a stainless steel overlay at one end, separate belt. Omega offers a variety of high-quality belt warmers that last a long time. The selection includes belt heaters and nozzle heaters of different materials, such as stainless steel, mica, chrome and colorless. 1 or 2-piece steel nozzle heaters with a maximum temperature of 900 ° F, inner tube diameter of 1 “to 2.75”, with mica insulation, designed for extruders, drums and more.

Plastic processing requires high operating temperatures and high production speeds. Omega has designed its ceramic belt warmers to meet these requirements. These heaters are in fact high temperature electric ovens capable of highly efficient heat transfer by radiation, conduction and convection. Built-in insulation minimizes unwanted temperature changes along the barrel.