The Most Powerful Planet in Vedic Astrology

Vedic astrology is part of astronomy. It all starts where astronomy ends. The planets orbiting the Sun also have a great impact on the lives of people on Earth.

To understand the human horoscope, the main criteria are the nine planets of the zodiac. But much depends on where these planets are located relative to each other.

Some of the most basic things in life defined by planets:

Happiness in a man’s married life
How many children would the couple have
What kind of career will a person choose?
On the other hand, each planet also symbolizes very important things in life.
For example, the planet Venus in astrology is a symbol of love, and with the right arrangement it brings love and happiness to human life. Similarly, if the planet Venus is associated with rogue planets or if it is in a house that is not profitable, someone’s personal life is likely to be a problem.

Let’s look at some of the easiest ways to experience planetary power. They are not exhaustive, of course, but they will give us a good idea of how a particular planet will affect us positively or negatively.

Also coming into play are many other factors, including the appearance and sequence of other planets, as well as the specific nakshatra in which the planet is located.

But what follows is the main ways to gain access to the power of the planet.


In general, the Moon, Venus, Jupiter and Mercury are considered useful planets.

While the Sun, Mars, Saturn, Rahu and Ketu are considered rogue planets

But each planet has its own unique qualities, and the fact that it brings benefits and evil, much to do with the fact that to put the planet in the horoscope of man.


In Vedic astrology, houses are also divided into favorable and unfavorable.

Planets located in houses 1, 2, 4, 5, 7, 9 and 10 are considered favorable.

Similarly, planets located in 6, 8, 12 homes are considered bad.

Proximity to planets, the general nature of the planet and the position of the planet in a certain house in your birth map together constitute its strength and weakness. Thus, the planets themselves are neither strong nor weak, and moreover, we cannot designate the planet as the strongest of all. If a certain planet is in the right house, it can improve your life and bring all the wealth, fame, fame and things that are most important to you, making it stronger for you. In the same way, “one for each.”

Now we are going to identify some characteristics of all the planets that are taken into account when studying astrology. Planets have their own specific properties, but if they are related to other planets, they may also be influenced by other planets. Therefore, the location of the planets is of great importance.

Sun: The sun is the atma (soul) of all planets as well as humans. He is the king of all planets and therefore possesses several positive qualities, such as his father’s figure, great strength, self-respect, justice and authority.

The planet Sun does not notice the physical health and vitality of man. So, the way a person projectes himself into the world really depends on the planet The Sun.

When the sun in someone’s horoscope is strong, the person is very energetic, and the sun makes a person a point of attraction.

But if the sun in the human map is weak, the constitution may be weak, and the person risks becoming self-centered.

Moon: The moon is connected to the spirit. He acts as the mother of everything and gives love, mental balance, positivity and emotions. The moon is money. It also represents water and green. It is closest to planet Earth and therefore has a great influence on us.

Planet Moon is the rule of human appearance and emotion. When the moon is in the right place, the person is happy, and the moon offers a higher degree of social and physical attractiveness.

This, in turn, leads to success in life, because a happy person will go well with others.

But this contrasts with the moon, which is not very nice and can cause anxiety, depression or even difficulty.

Mercury: Mercury represents the mind. People with a strong location mercury in his natal map are focused on business, have more power of capture, can think logically, are good in mathematics, mobile and attentive. It also presents speech and other things related to it.

Mercury is the fastest planet in the solar system. It regulates our intelligence and also affects our ability to communicate.

Thanks to the good location of Mercury, man is endowed with great intelligence. Mercury also gives agility, as Mercury also controls the hands.

Some of the traits of people whose planet Mercury is in a good place include fluency in speech, writing and teaching.

However, if the planet Mercury is weak or degraded, it will negatively affect human abilities in these areas. Sometimes it can even lead to a sharp conversation.

Venus: Venus represents love relationships and relationships. It improves your sex life, your lifestyle and brings money and prosperity in every sense.

Although Venus is the planet of love, it also represents women in general. Venus symbolizes beauty and comfort, and the planet basically embodies all the beautiful things in life.

When Venus is strong in a person’s horoscope, it is positive for a person’s marriage, since the couple finds satisfaction in their lives and also develops a love of art.

But if the planet Venus is weakened in someone’s horoscope, it can lead to some kind of disharmony in the relationship. In fact, it can be difficult to communicate with other people.

Mars: Mars demonstrates bravery, courage, technical and scientific strength and confidence. People with a strong Mars – excellent soldiers, police officers, engineers, doctors and representatives of related professions associated with it. It also represents land and real estate.

The planet Mars is a planet of the Atelets. It means action. And with the help of the planet Mars, we can discover the degree of initiative that a human needs to change his life.

When Mars is strong, man has the opportunity to outlive his competitors. He really has the ability to get up and walk.

But when Mars comes under attack, a person can be one of those who quarrel too much.

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