The 5 Best Pharmacy Eyebrow Fillers

This waterproof eyebrow shade lasts several days at a time and creates more complete eyebrows that are not easy to color or clean. Before designing, use the sculpture point to fill the middle part and tail of your forehead, then lightly fill in the rest and mix. The Stylo pencil is the perfect shape to easily create more complete eyebrows without the experience of a makeup artist. Everyone needs a different pencil depending on what they are trying to achieve. If you collapsed too much when those skinny Xtina Aguilera eyebrows were furious, a lean, biased formula can help you add fake hair and create a new shape where you need it. Or maybe you have a lot of hair on those bows, but all you have to do is add a little shade to some scattered spots, and a chubby powder option might fit better.

With a triangular tip, you can use an eyebrow pencil in several ways, making it the permanent eyebrow tattoo option for beauty industry professionals. The shape and filling of the L’Oréal Paris eyebrow stylist describes accurately, colors easily and fills the eyebrows evenly. Start with clean, brushed eyebrows and then sketch the edges of your arches for precise lines. Complete with the flat side of the pencil for even coverage and then define the tail of your eyebrows with the tip.

Glossier Boy Brow is clear if you want to look super natural. If the rest of your makeup is quite discreet, this is the perfect option. The transparent gel gives your eyebrows a little extra definition, so it still looks like you. That said, we also like this option as a finishing touch on top of an eyebrow pencil. Keeps everything in place without stiffness and conditions the eyebrows at the same time.

The pigment in this eyebrow pencil becomes soft and super easy to mix using the reliable spoolie brush. “The mascara wall couldn’t be easier to use and really covers the eyebrows in one fell swoop,” said GH’s beauty director “There is a thin line between defining your eyebrows and drawing them, but luckily the spoolie works perfectly to clear hard lines and give a natural finish.”. The jar is ideal for adding pigment to any scarce spot, and I liked that my eyebrows generally still looked relatively makeup-free.” The dual-use eyebrow filling has a pencil at one end and a gel at the other.

Sometimes you just need the right gel to get flawless eyebrows, and Benefit Gimme Brow + is ready for the job. The soft, waterproof dyed gel adheres to your natural hair and skin and ensures a chunk-free volume and texture. In addition, the small spoolie facilitates maintenance within the lines. Apply the buildable formula with brush strokes and add a second layer if you want more definition. Build better bottom-up eyebrows with the Easy Breezy Eyeblet Powder Kit – Fill everything in one, define and mark powders. Classic eyebrow pencils are always stylish for fast and accurate application.