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Take a tour of the former prison at the Crumlin Road Jail Visitor Attraction, climb aboard HMS Caroline to experience maritime battles in the First World War, or one with nature at the Belfast Zoological Gardens. You’ll find a variety of memorable things to do in Belfast, so its popularity continues to rise. In recent years, Belfast has become a major Irish destination, with new restaurants, hotels and attractions attracting more tourists to northern Ireland’s capital than ever before. Christmas is also a good time to visit Belfast when the city lights up the city centre and hosts a festive market at city hall. Lewis Square is the EastSide Visitor Centre, a great place to stop and learn about the attractions and things to do in East Belfast, including self-guided walking and walking tours. The center also has a cafeteria called JACK Coffee Bar that offers locally produced food, produce and artwork.

More than a century ago, the infamous and unfortunate ocean liner Titanic was built on this spot. There are guided tours around the ramp and the giant dry dock, which was once the heart of Harland & Wolff’s shipyards. The building, which is shaped like a star to represent the White Star Line logo, houses a number of fascinating artifacts related to the ship, including letters, brochures and menus. The Belfast Botanic Gardens has tropical plants, giant bird feeders, a rose garden, an alpine garden, mature trees, flower beds and sculptures.

Belfast Black Taxi tours are one of the most popular things to do in Belfast for tourists. The use of taxis in Belfast grew during The Troubles when taxis were used to transport locals and visitors during the Troubles, as they were considered much safer than city buses, which were sometimes bombed or attacked by snipers. Also, many buses were stolen, burned and used for barricades in certain parts of the city, resulting in limited public transport.

Summer is usually the busiest, but even this high season is manageable in terms of the size of the tour groups. If you prefer to travel out of season, Belfast’s top attractions are open all year round and accommodation is always available. A visit is quickly rewarded with welcoming locals, excellent pubs and restaurants, and top attractions like the atmospheric Crumlin Road Jail and walking tours of Belfast’s famous murals. There is parking on site, or you can get here by public bus or hop-on hop-off tour buses.

Problems “Tourism” is “booming” and the “previously more notorious areas” of the city are flooded with international visitors, according to the Belfast Telegraph. Crumlin Road Jail, a 19th-century grade A-listed prison, is open to the public for visits and is the No. 1 attraction to visit in Belfast, according to Trip Advisor. It offers guided and self-guided experiences of the prison, as well as “The Troubles Tour” by black taxi or on foot.

In the building there is a free public exhibition space that can be visited. The exhibition was much larger than we expected and currently covers 16 different rooms! It tells the story of Belfast through information, photographs and artefacts, and explores city government, people, famous events, industries, diversity, festivities things to do in Belfast and much more. Titanic Hotel – This 4-star hotel is housed in a historic building that was once the headquarters of Harland and Wolff and the drawing offices (the company that designed and built the RMS Titanic!). A beautiful historic property with art deco themed rooms, Titanic memorabilia, bar, restaurant and room service.

As you walk through the market, you can stop and enjoy authentic Irish food, listen to free music from artists, shop for locally made souvenirs, and chat with vendors. Make sure your travel dates are aligned, as the market is only open from Friday to Sunday. Belfast is a famous shipbuilding town and built and launched the infamous Titanic. Shipwreck lovers and history buffs will love exploring the Titanic Memorial Centre in Belfast.

Some guides are former extras in the program, so it’s really a personal glimpse into the world of Westeros. The Titanic Memorial Garden is located on the east side of the civic building. It was built to house 500 prisoners, but during The Troubles it had up to 900. Today, it is no longer a place where prisoners are held, after closing in 1996, but there are public tours available that offer the opportunity to see inside and what it might have been like to stay there.

Belfast City Hall is the central point of the city and nearby is the Visit Belfast Welcome Centre, which is a great place to start your city tour. The Cathedral Quarter, named after st. Anne’s Cathedral, the city’s historic shopping district, is full of Victorian architecture, cobblestone streets and extravagant pubs and restaurants. The Linen Quarter is the area south of Belfast City Hall and was an area once dominated by the linen industry in the 19th century and includes a wealth of ancient architecture, restaurants and the Grand Opera House.

December is a busy time to be in Belfast as many hotels host Christmas events and the city has been transformed with lights and markets. The cold in the air and the rainier weather tend to be compensated by an abundance of mulled wine and good spirits. In addition, there are many indoor concerts and events to keep everyone inside cozy. January is one of the rainiest and coldest months in Belfast, but there are some great deals that can be found on the property, as the cooler weather and post-Christmas calm keep the crowds away.