Tamil Data

Within Tamil Nadu, there is a phonological difference between discourses in the north, west and south. Local varieties of languages intersect with varieties based on social class or caste. Tamil is the oldest language in India and the world. Tamil is the official language of Tamil Nadu and has official status in Sri Lanka and Singapore. Tamil ranked 17th out of 20 of the most widely used languages in the world. Tamil has a literary tradition of over 2,000 years.

Ramaswamy Naicker proposed some changes for printing. Abdul Kalam, joint meeting of two families of the Indian Parliament on June 6, 2004. Tamil is the official language of this week as well as Sri Lanka and Singapore. Tamil is one of the oldest classic languages today.

He once received a nominal official status known to have rejected Punjab in Haryana, India, but had no Tamil-speaking population and was replaced by Punjab in 2010. In Malaysia, 543 government primary education schools are fully available in mid-Tamil. Tamil Middle School was established in Myanmar to provide Tamil language education for the Tamil who settled there 200 years ago.

Tamil is an official language qualification in many countries and is one of the most widely used languages in the world. One of the oldest classic languages in the world is Tamil. Studies have shown that one of the tribes of Cameroon in Africa uses an ancient but transformed Tamil called Tamazight. Phonologists are divided by opinions on why Tamil is indistinguishable and not expressed in a healthy character.

In modern times, centami is commonly used for formal writing and speech. For example, textbooks, many Tamil literature, language of public speaking and debate. However, in the area that has traditionally been considered the province of Centami, the Kountami پ is pumping. For example, the most modern cinemas, theaters and popular entertainment on television and radio are found in the Kountami, and many politicians use them to reach the audience. As the use of kountami in modern times increased, an informal “standard” speaking dialect appeared. In India, the “standard” Ko Untami, not dialect, was greatly influenced by the Tanjabur and Madurai dialects.

Tamil has the oldest literature in the Dravidian language, but it is difficult to accurately date language and literature. Literature works in India or Sri Lanka were preserved as palm leaf manuscripts or verbally, so I couldn’t date them myself. However, external chronological records and internal linguistic evidence indicate that the oldest existing work was probably composed sometime in the 2nd century CE Excavations at Quseir-al-Qadim in November 2007 revealed Egyptian pottery from the 1st century BC. C. John Guy, with the inscription of the ancient Tamil Brami, claimed that Tamil was the first Indian maritime merchant, Lingua Franca. According to Hindu legend, the anthropomorphic form of Tamil or Tamil Thai was created by the Shiva monarch.

The pronunciation rules given to Tolkāppiyam, a text about classical Tamil grammar, suggest that āytam may have glorified the combined sound. It was also suggested that āytam was used to express an implied sound in a moaning voice inside a word. Āytam in modern Tamil is also used to convert p to f when writing English words using Tamil writing. The traditional system stipulated by Tamil unicode the classic grammar of pushing loans back according to the Tamil phonology remains, but not always consistently applied. ISO is an international standard for translating Tamil scripts and other Indian scripts into Latin letters. This law uses a multilingual alphabet, including English, as it uses diacritical marks to map much larger Brahma consonants and vowels to Latin writing.

Not only is it a widely used language in Tamil Nadu, Tamil is also the official language of Singapore, Sri Lanka, South Africa, Malaysia and Mauritius. If you travel to these countries, you are likely to see a nameplate in Tamil. Tamil is also the native language of Sri Lanka and the official language of Singapore.