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  • 9 Cs Leadership In The Supply Chain That Should Dominate

    I refer to the integrated approach to supply chain management with the word united. This refers to open lines of communication and setting common goals in all major supply chain functions, including purchasing, production, distribution and sales. Breaking silos within an organization and getting the right team players on the same page will help create […]

  • How Many Holidays Should Companies Offer When Taking Jobs In The Supply Chain?

    By bringing in additional employees, you can perform any task you can perform faster and respond to questions in a timely manner, so that customers especially don’t feel ignored. When business is normally resumed, they will remember how they were treated and will be more loyal to your company. This first-hand view of the market […]

  • Types Of Pipes For Water Supply

    For professional plumbers, PEX hoses have now largely replaced copper and other plastics used for water supply pipes. They prefer PEX because of its low cost and because it comes in long rolls of hoses that are easy to transport. Because flexible hoses can be bent around corners, fewer elbows and other accessories are required, […]