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  • Looking For That Perfect Gift? These Ringing Video Doorbells Help You Tick Everyone On Your List

    It’s the best gift for Mother’s Day, a best friend, a birthday, an anniversary, or even a wedding. Do you have any questions about choosing a Ring video doorbell? “Ask Ring” has the answers, along with more gift ideas from Ring, in this Christmas episode. For those on your list who have Ring Video Doorbell […]

  • 10 Things Everybody Should Learn About Taxation

    You’d probably qualify for a refund for withholding too much tax cash. But it does mean that you can see much less of the money out of your bonus upfront. The proportion methodology is simplest—your employer issues your bonus and withholds taxes at the 22% flat rate—or the higher price in case American expat taxes […]

  • Basic Budgeting Tips That Everyone Should Know

    It doesn’t matter if you live paycheck to paycheck or earn six-figure amounts per year, you need to know where your money is going if you want to keep a check on your finances. Contrary to what you might believe, budgeting is not just about limiting what you spend money on and removing all the […]

  • 12 Reasons Why Everyone Needs A Monthly Massage

    Whether you are a young professional who loves the daily routine of the urban jungle or a middle-aged manager who leads a lifestyle very filled with a dynamic family life, a monthly massage can do you a lot of good. Elderly people who have to take care of themselves need even more regular massage sessions […]