Signals You May Need For Hormone Replacement Therapy

With BHRT, each patient experiences an increased sexual desire, higher energy levels and reduced unpleasant symptoms such as hot flashes, sleeping problems and vaginal dryness. Estrogens provide valuable therapy to many women, but they can pose serious risks. Therefore, physicians should contact postmenopausal women who use estrogen or estrogen or can use progestogen to determine if the benefits outweigh the risks in their particular case.

The “time hypothesis” refers to the theory that when HST starts closer to the time of menopause transition, a cardiovascular benefit is observed compared to the subsequent onset. If you have experienced vaginal dryness and hot flashes, these health problems may begin to improve in the first 14 weeks. After three weeks of treatment, your energy levels will rise and it will be easier to focus on challenging tasks. Your other symptoms are likely to become less severe in the next six to eight weeks. Hormone replacement therapy, also known as HST, is a great way to balance your hormones and improve some frustrating health problems. Your decreasing hormones allow you to develop frustrating mood problems, bone loss and other symptoms.

To maintain your results, you must schedule follow-up appointments and have routine blood hormone panels to ensure we deliver the right dose for your body. The most common hormone replacement therapy caused by aging can provide relief for many symptoms experienced by men and women. Men experience hormonal fluctuations due to andropause, adrenal fatigue, hypothyroidism Hormone Doctor Near Me and hyperthyroidism. HERS researchers tested whether estrogen plus progestin would prevent a second heart attack or other coronary event in a secondary prevention study. Treatment even increased the risk of women having a heart attack during the first year of hormone use. In the HERS follow-up study, the participants were checked for about 3 years.

For most people, hormones primarily influence the essence of what it is like to be a man or a woman, including body shape and strength, reproductive functions and sexual desire. While this is an important part of hormones, a hormonal imbalance can have a negative effect on the overall health of your body. Both men and women can suffer from memory loss, fatigue and bone loss due to hormonal deficiency. This final stage of a woman’s reproductive life is called menopause. The body’s ability to produce natural estrogen and progesterone decreases and the ovaries stop producing eggs. Once this happens, the body can no longer become naturally pregnant and the monthly periods stop.

In addition, serious health problems, such as cardiovascular disease, high cholesterol and weight gain, are often directly related to hormonal imbalance in the body. If not resolved, hormonal deficiency can seriously damage your health. BHRT solves this problem by introducing a constant source of bio-identical hormones into your body, allowing you to stabilize and start healing. Use the lowest effective dose for the shortest time needed to treat your symptoms. If you are under 45 years of age, you will need enough estrogen to protect against the long-term health effects of estrogen deficiency. If you have persistent menopause complaints that significantly affect your quality of life, your doctor may recommend long-term treatment.