Sandwich Recipes

As a fruit and squat sauce, it is a surprising success at parties and showers, and also perfect for entertaining. This easy mango sauce recipe uses only a few ingredients and has a great taste with fish, vegetarian tacos or omelet chips. As one of our healthy snack recipes, serve with homemade omelette chips or even homemade pita chips.

I made some peanut butter granola bars and put them in cupcake cans and it worked really well. Perhaps my favorite healthy snack of all, this is an instant antidote to all the sweet tooth. Just open some dates, remove the holes and fill with a teaspoon of almond, peanut or cashew butter.

This tomato avocados melt is a fast and healthy snack for a family on the go! Grab your fiber and protein with wholemeal bread and add a little unsaturated healthy fat with a few slices of avocado. Get started on the ranch, these creamy dives and spread products are about to become your new favorites. They are full of proteins, fiber and healthy fats. In addition, they make eating fresh vegetables or cookies much more fun. A lean, spicy black bean hummus without tahini was relieved by omitting the traditional ingredient without sacrificing taste.

Not only is it one of my favorite bread recipes I baked, lysoform but it is also full of fiber, protein and whole grains.

Take a break from the fries and try the babies instead. Baked oven until brown and crispy, these babies will satisfy their wildest salty irrepressible appetite without overloading them with calories and fat. Wow, what a great summary of healthy snack recipes. Besides fresh fruit, I am always looking for something healthy to snack on. A homemade healthy granola recipe that is incredibly easy to make and the perfect idea for quick breakfast or snack.

Creativity is endless with frushi: each fresh fruit will serve and add a little honey to ensure that the fruit sticks to the coconut rice. Do it at home for breakfast, a snack or dessert served with a little vanilla yogurt. These bite-sized snacks pack everything you like about pumpkin with natural warm flavors and fresh pumpkin puree. Don’t worry about making a pumpkin pie and save calories with these energy bites. Enjoy this for breakfast or snack to go all fall.