Project Manager Vs Construction Project Manager

For smaller or less complex construction projects, the general contractor may be the most important point of contact with the client. For larger projects, the responsibility for coordinating various entities involved in the project, such as designer, client, contractor, and subcontractor, is the responsibility of the project manager. General contractors specialize in daily operation and construction project management. A primary task for general contractors is to work with engineers and architects on a project. Since they are not involved in the pre-construction phase, engineers and architects may require them to change their original plans for a project. Contractors are also responsible for the use and management of subcontractors for projects.

However, there are some clear differences between the two regarding their organizational structure, how they were selected for the project and their relationship with the owner. Unlike general contractors, construction management services hire the owner for a fixed fee. This fee replaces the lump sum that a general contractor would charge to cover their overhead and earnings. The project manager then develops plans and buys the necessary resources collaboratively and in an open book. Actual costs accumulate competitively and visibly, and when the project is completed, the owner pays only those costs plus the construction manager fee. Today’s modern construction project managers must be prepared to adopt new technologies.

This responsibility often falls on the customer if he only works with a general contractor. The documentation and communication facet of a project manager’s responsibilities ensures that each party involved in a project clearly understands its role continuously. It also ensures that the client keeps a complete view of the project field from start to finish.

This career requires a degree in construction management or engineering and relevant work experience, with the ability to obtain certifications such as the Certified Professional Builder. You may be wondering the difference between a construction project manager and a construction north london construction company manager. While both functions are intended to monitor a project process, the scope of the job can be very different. Overall, a construction manager is more focused on construction management itself, while the construction project manager oversees the process more widely.

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