For example, wedding invitations in western countries are generally mailed. Communication by written documents transported from one person or place to another by an intermediary almost certainly dates back to the invention of writing. The first documented use of an organized messaging service for the distribution of written documents is in ancient Egypt, where the Pharaohs used emails to distribute their decrees in the territory of the state (2400 a. C.). This practice almost certainly has roots in the much older practice of oral messages and may have been built on an existing infrastructure. With a service like free fax, you don’t have to use a traditional fax machine to send office documents or a letter to your parents. These services are much cheaper and more practical, especially for companies.

Invoices and invoices are often mailed, such as regular billing correspondence from public services and other service providers. These letters often contain an envelope with your address with which the recipient can easily pay the payment to the company. Although still very common, many people now choose to use online payment services, eliminating the need to receive invoices by mail. The size of a letter is most of the content sent through most postal services. The Internet has carried out the process of sending letter-type messages almost immediately and, in many cases and situations, correspondents use email where they would have used letters before. USA It has fallen by more than 15% from the peak of 213 billion units per year in 2006.

In the New Kingdom, royal cards were delivered using a messaging system that generally used horse-drawn carts to avoid the kingdom as soon as possible. As in the Near East, they received regular stations to change horses and cool off, although some would also have traveled the Nile and its tributaries by boat. A second postal network handled the state’s administrative correspondence, which functioned as a hierarchy of emails delivering letters up and down from different levels of local government. We can imagine that people occasionally sent letters to each other, but had no specific means of reaching their destination . The best option was to use a slave or pass letters to trusted travelers heading in the right direction. While many things are mailed, personal letters are often considered the first with respect to postal systems.

Known as Morse code, it consisted of a series of coded points and hyphens corresponding to the alphabet. After patenting his invention, telegrams quickly became quite popular as a way to deliver small amounts of information quickly and over long distances. The telegraph became even more important when it was widely used during World War II. Modern mail is organized by national and privatized services, which are mutually linked by cutii postale bloc international regulations, organizations and international agreements. Paper letters and packages can be sent to almost any country in the world relatively easily and cheaply. The Internet has gone through the process of sending letter-type messages almost immediately, and in many cases and situations, correspondents use email where they would have used letters earlier, although the volume of paper mail continues to increase.

Writing a letter is a form of communication that has persisted despite all the high-speed technologies available today. However, the way it is delivered has changed significantly over the years. In cities, a family employee was often sent to deliver a letter on foot, and sometimes even waited at the recipient’s home or location to carry the response letter. In 1837, a British teacher named Rowland Hill came up with the idea of stamps, which led to the postal system. Today, we can even send letters by plane or by sea in a few days, where otherwise it would have taken months without modern sorting and shipping techniques. Today’s younger generations are less familiar with writing a letter and even calling it postal mail.