International Shipping Guide

If you have not submitted your item to The UPS Store, please contact the parcel carrier directly. If your products are considered dangerous goods by the International Air Transport Association or the International Maritime Organization, you must include the appropriate dangerous goods form with your shipment. Before doing this, the right people in your company should receive training to properly package, label and document these shipments. Customs officers in the U.S. and destination countries can use the packaging list to identify the location of certain packaged items they wish to investigate. It is much better that they know which box to open or pallet to unpack instead of having to search the entire shipment.

Contact your national postal service as a local resource to ensure you know which documents to send internationally. Although you do not sell the item you send, if it is not a personal real estate item, you will need a pro forma invoice. A pro forma invoice can be automatically generated if you use an online shipper system . If you use a paper shipper system, you must create your own commercial invoice and include it in your package and keep a copy in your shipping details. Work with your international moving company to properly prepare your vehicle for shipment.

If you ship a limited product, you may end up in possession of customs or, worse, get fines or legal fees. Investigating cheaper international shipping costs may seem like a task. After all, USPS offers many different options depending on your delivery time line. The weight and dimensions of the package also affect the final costs. This reduces the chances of the package being kept at customs and reduces unpleasant surprises for your customers (“$ 50 to receive my package?”).

Some countries directly prohibit articles; others can limit them. Being informed about the rules and regulations that affect your shipments can help ensure smooth delivery.

See the list below for more information on weight and size restrictions, including packaging requirements for international shipping. The most common international document required for undocumented gửi hàng đi anh migrants and goods is the commercial invoice. It provides information to customs, which helps them assess whether goods can enter or leave a country and what controls are needed.

The good news is that many express emails provide automatic insurance for national and international shipments worth up to $ 100USD, so confirm with your courier if you are interested. In this article, we describe our top ten tips for international shipping, including how to keep your costs down, provide a seamless experience to your global customers and keep your order compliant. In terms of costs, all international shipments are levied and taxes are applied, generally to the recipient. Sometimes the sender will request that the fees and taxes on his shipping account be charged to ease the financial burden on the recipient. December 26, 2018 Depends on how quickly you expect to receive the package.

Because our locations are individually owned and operated, the UPS Store headquarters does not have access to your shipping information. If you have not submitted your item to The UPS Store, please contact the carrier directly for your tracking number. If the information about the online tracking function is unclear, please contact the carrier directly for specific shipping details.