Integration Of The Control System

The Internet of Things —A network of objects that are connected via the internet—enables facility managers to save money on their BAS. IoT’s energy-efficient networks and the use of cheaper wireless sensors can keep smart construction costs down by about 30% compared to traditional BAS. With the IoT, smart buildings – those HVAC systems, lighting, control security activities – more accessible to buildings of all sizes.

Many companies already use cloud services in other aspects of their operation, such as data storage, which makes the integration of hosted access control particularly smooth. Since there is no software to install and much less equipment can be stored on the site, the configuration is quick and painless. Founded in 1994, the Association of Control Systems Integrators is a global non-profit trade association that aims to promote the industry of integration of control systems.

Control system integrators use their technical, technical and business skills to help manufacturers and others automate industrial equipment and systems. CSIA helps members improve business skills, provides a forum to share the industry experience and promotes the benefits of hiring a certified integrator for control systems. Another available option is to integrate a built-in access control system with visitor management software and, for example, enter the building via lifts in the parking lot. If necessary, visitors can only access the given floor directly from the parking lot after scanning the QR code on their mobile phone, which was previously included in an email invitation sent from the software. This solution increases safety and is also extra valuable in times of the COVID 19 pandemic by reducing contact between guests and employees in the atrium of the building, corridors or other areas. The solution is to integrate a vehicle access control system with visitor management software that provides a comprehensive solution for access to vehicles and people.

The integration of both systems provides a layered approach that results in a more powerful security system. The video component adds a layer of responsibility that simply cannot provide access control alone. In addition, video surveillance may include multiple entrances and exits to a building, controlling a much wider extension than a security officer could patrol on foot. 35 years of experience in the electronic construction sector, divided between building management and security systems. I have experience with some major security manufacturers and system integrators and recently moved to the UK after working on the African continent for the past 26 years.

By integrating the software, the medical device company can save time and reduce errors. One of the main advantages of integrating systems is the ability to improve efficiency. A manufacturer who used Glovia to generate packaging lists printed drawings separately. By integrating Glovia Edocs and MasterControl, the company has been given the opportunity to print drawings and packaging lists at the same time. This ensured that all information needed to assemble and inspect the product was readily available to customers and employees. By streamlining the process’s accelerated workflow, they reached new productivity levels and saved the company approximately $ 200,000 each year.

In fact, having equipment supplied by those who are not well trained and supported is one of the red flags to consider when comparing integrators. Even the best products have problems that require technical support to fix it correctly and quickly. At the time of big data and artificial intelligence, digital transformation initiatives are often an important Motion Control Integrator part of a company’s strategic vision. By controlling the entire supply chain, a vertically integrated production partner can take advantage of greater purchasing power to obtain materials and resources at competitive prices. Their active collaboration with original equipment manufacturers also gives them meaningful information about changing needs.

One of the most common types of system integration is monitoring control and data acquisition, which combines software and hardware elements so that companies can monitor and monitor their industrial processes locally or remotely. A third option would be a fully managed access control and video surveillance system, where the service provider would manage all cardholder access and programming and provide audit reports or information upon request. Either way, the hosted access control frees staff time and eliminates the need for on-site monitoring personnel at any location.

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