How to Be Friends With FeedBurner

I clearly remember my first visit to FeedBurner. I typed the URL, The web game online dingdong page uploaded, then the site told me, “Burn your feeds here.” I was like, what is a feed? And how should I burn feeds? LOT. That was memorable. So burning your feeds means typing the RSS of your blog.


Here, you can see which email addresses subscribe to your blog, what type of RSS readers are used to see your feeds, and pretty much everything about your subscribers. Optimize You can tweak your feeds here.


Well, pretty much, this helps you make your feed invitations more fun and creative.

For example, the Headline Animator: Headline Animator is a little box with a picture that shows your blog name and your recent posts.

When you click it, you are asked to confirm your subscription. What is Subscribe by Email?

Now when readers enter their email address in the space below:

Enter your email address: Delivered by FeedBurner

they are directed to a window that asks if they are human (captcha code):

This gets rid of spammers and hackers. Then their email receives a new mail. Dingdong. The default subject is: Activate your subscription to “name of the blog”. Pretty boring huh? you could spice it up a bit by going to the Email Branding. Voila!

Now when they become subscribers, they receive emails every time you have a new post. The email is actually your post (exactly the same words). On their emails, the default Subject is “name of your blog” and the default To is “name of your blog”. It’s OK with the To, but with the Subject? Nope. What is the chance they’re reading something that looks like a spam? So spice it up again. Go to Email Branding. There, work your creativity. Monetize You can also put AdSense on your feeds. The size and the type actually is set by default. So you can not choose your desired appearance of the ads.


Is there really such as a word? LOL. Well, this tab helps you troubleshoot if something goes wring with your feed.

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