How To Be A Guest On A Podcast

I’ve interviewed over 350 people on Social Pros and have been invited to a podcast more than 150 times over the past decade. Start with the information about the podcast list and search Apple Podcasts or Spotify for podcasts that do what you want to do. If you already have an external microphone, record a short episode today and introduce yourself and your podcast idea. When you set up your podcast recording environment for the first time, it can be helpful to listen to a test recording compared to the quality of other podcasts.

You’re not entering unfamiliar territory and surprise your podcast host. This builds your reputation as a thought leader and expert. First, understand why you’re interested in podcast invitations. Podcast booking agent It’s easy to get excited when you’re just starting out. It’s fun to meet other creators and you can definitely get hooked on the thrill of standing in front of the microphone.

If you offer them more value, they’re more likely to ask you again. A written thank you note would make you stand out, but it’s not necessarily expected. A personal email or video message to thank you would be welcome. You can schedule social media posts on individual platforms or use a scheduling service like Edgar. Your host will appreciate a quick note telling you how excited you are to promote them and how you plan to do so specifically.

Keeping your social followers informed of what’s happening is key to promoting guests, episodes, and your podcast in general. And by doing this regularly, you gradually begin to build a community among your listeners. For example, if you want to record an interview with someone, you can let your followers know. Interacting with your audience also shows that you are a real person. Not only do you want them to tune in when you’ve released a new episode, but you also want to build a deeper relationship and connection with them that will last for years. After the show, most podcast hosts will send you a link to promote the show and may even send you a suggested copy for social media posts.

It’s okay to have a few bullet points to work on, but practice talking about topics outside of your head. Now that we’ve branded your podcast below, let’s discuss the tools you’ll need to get started. The truth is, if your podcast doesn’t sound great, no one will listen for long.

Try listening to your test recording through headphones, car speakers, cell phone speakers, a laptop, etc. If you know podcast lists, you’ve probably already heard a mix of guest presentations. Some are short and agile, some are entertaining, and some are a bit rambunctious. Putting together one for your guest to be ready to go makes everything easier.

It’s no secret that podcasting can do wonders for your business. With monthly podcast listeners up more than 60% in just a few years, this is one of the best ways to build your business. When you put yourself on a podcast, you’re communicating directly with your audience in your own voice. Whether you’re creating a podcast or a podcast invitation, it stands out.

Whereas with a podcast you can sit in traffic for an hour and consume valuable information. Because people spend longer on podcasts than other content, this gives you the opportunity to showcase your knowledge and experience in a way you can’t with other formats. The term podcasting has become mainstream nowadays and interest in this medium is increasing and rightly so. Not only is it useful for listeners who want topics that interest them on demand, but it’s also valuable to the person or company hosting them. A great next step could be to read David Baker’s post on “How to Launch Your Podcast Guest Career” and listen to some of the best podcasts out there. Especially for SaaS managers, I recommend ‘Masters of Scale’, presented by Reid Hoffman, the founder of LinkedIn.