High Bay Lighting Buying Guide

These new round LED high spaces, often called “UFO” style lamps, don’t need reflectors because LED lighting is inherently more directional than metal halide or other light sources. This allows for a more compact and unobtrusive design of the accessory. These lamps are heavy-duty and IP65 rated, allowing them to be used even in harsh conditions such as industrial laundries, grain processing plants, car washes and barns. At the same time, they are very striking in appearance, making them a great consideration for any high-ceiling application, from airplane hangars to the cafeteria of a large supermarket. If you own a spacious warehouse with a high ceiling height, consider a 20-foot gap between the lights for bright light.

3000K – 3000 Kelvin is a warm color of LED light that is mainly used in restaurants or homes. High bay bulbs come in a variety of power ratings to meet a wide range of applications and lighting requirements. In the past, light output was usually measured in watts, because performance for certain watt ranges was very consistent across manufacturers.

With energy companies offering huge discounts, now is the perfect time to upgrade your existing retail space to LED. Discounts have the potential to drastically reduce the initial cost of your project and increase your return on investment. In many cases, investing in energy-saving high-rise LED fixtures for your “back of the house” can shift your budget to other, more impactful parts of your business. With an LED upgrade, you benefit from lower maintenance and energy costs and avoid safety issues due to poor lighting conditions. Making sound lighting decisions for a large workspace can improve productivity while significantly reducing your energy costs.

A higher lumens per watt ratio can reduce the number of watts needed to illuminate a room and result in significant energy savings. Lamps with a lower efficiency are generally less expensive to purchase, making them attractive. However, over the lifetime of the light, a more efficient light will save more than enough energy to offset the higher initial costs and add lifetime savings. In addition, more effective bulbs can save on initial costs by providing more visible light through fewer bulbs. For example, a high-bay fluorescent lamp with an efficiency of 75 lumens/watts provides only half of the visible light compared to an LED with 150 lumens/watt.

Linear high bays are popular in commercial facilities and storage areas, especially those that value simplicity and cost-effectiveness in the lighting configuration of their facilities. They offer a wider beam angle than tall UFO-like bays, allowing them to illuminate a larger area with lower lumen intensity. High Bay LED bulbs are designed to provide bright and cobrahead street light uniform light to areas with high ceilings. A long service life, combined with energy efficiency, makes them a more desirable option than their fluorescent and incandescent options. Like high bay lamps, low bay fixtures can also be a metal halide, HID, fluorescence or LED. You can choose from a wide range of shapes, sizes, power outputs and mounting options.