Don’t Post a Resume That Competes Against You

Did you know that if you post a resume to the wrong search boards creare site web profesional you are literally guaranteed to sabotage your own professional job search? Recruiters and human resources professionals are no dummies when it comes to web recruitment banks. It is entirely within the realm of possibility that if your resume is posted on the wrong employment search board with the wrong information you can literally be competing against yourself.

Recruiting Professionals Do Their Homework
It is true. Part of the recruiting process companies make their human resources departments go through these days in order to fill new vacancies is to review available market information on local job boards. How sad will it be if your data is taken from one board and used by a recruiting firm with an open position for a salary higher than what you’ve posted as your required salary? Do you know that this sort of scenario happens thousands of times a day on job boards?

Tips on How to Post a Resume Online Effectively
It is important in this competitive job environment that you do not let this happen to you. Keep your posted resumes private. Post a resume on a job board but keep the settings private and only submit your resume to companies of your choosing. All of the good job search boards have this feature – allowing you – the job seeker – to control wh sees your information and what information they see. The minute you post your information and profile to an open data bank you are ultimately going to end up competing with and contradicting yourself – and miss out on any number of potentially suitable opportunities as a result.

Be Smart About How You Use Internet Job Databases
Web work opportunities listings are an important part of the research portion of your professional job search – and smart recruiters and career seekers will continue to use them. The important lesson is to maintain composure and control your personal information. Having your resumes flying all over the web absolutely reeks of desperation – and will not work in your favor. It is important to continue to use career search boards and selectively post a resume to suitable jobs – just do not let the use of these sites turn against you. Do not let the pressure to get a job force you to post a resume where too much information is public.

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