Do I Need To Repair My Car After An Accident With An Insurance Claim?

A claims representative will determine if the problem is eligible for coverage. For example, if your car’s electrical system is damaged due to a defect, you’re probably covered. If your car’s electrical system is damaged because you cut the wrong wire while trying to install a spare radio, chances are you’re not covered. Otherwise, you have the right to choose where you want to repair your car. Working with a store in your insurance company’s network can save you time and hassle.

Just because your insurance company has approved the repair shops on their list doesn’t mean each of them is right for you. Before using a store on the approved list, ask questions to make sure you feel comfortable and knowledgeable about the store and its repairs. You can search the online store or call your insurance company to ask questions about a particular body shop. Even if you have a body shop that you prefer to use, check your insurance company’s approved list to see if that store is included. If so, you can stay loyal to your favorite store while enjoying the benefits of using a store recommended by the insurance company. Choosing a body shop approved by your insurance company offers a number of benefits, but for some vehicle owners, there are valid reasons to shop around for repairs at other car stores.

If nothing else, you can count on your car insurance company that has already done the homework for you. The body shops recommended by your insurer are generally reliable, professional and efficient. For reputable body shops, a post-repair inspection is a common practice before the car is returned reading garages to its owner. A post-repair inspection verifies that the original damage has been fully assessed, the quality of the repair and provides assurance that nothing has been missed. An expanded inspection by an expert third party should support or dispel any doubt about appropriate repairs.

The value of the claim has nothing to do with the amount you originally paid for the property. In most states, insurance companies cannot legally send you to choose a specific repair shop. If you make car payments, your lender may ask you to choose a store from this list. Auto repair insurance is standard in most comprehensive coverage policies.

You simply don’t get the benefit of the insurance company working directly with the approved auto shop to handle all the documents for your claim. Look for auto repair shops that have excellent auto service employees and offer parts warranties and a customer warranty. You can also ask how many years employees have experience in mechanical repairs.