Decorative Clay Pots – A Green Way to Quench Your Thirst

The hottest month of the summer is yet to come, but people satta in the tropical countries like India are already bracing up for the season and the scorching heat. Very soon, electronic home appliances markets will be abuzz with the new launching and lucrative discount deals of various brands producing refrigerators. And who knows, you will be one of the first ones to grab one of these deals to enjoy a cool and comfortable summer ahead. But, why not try a different option this time? Buy yourself a big clay pot or “matka”, as they call it in India, and enjoy a chilled drink each time you fill thirsty.

Drinking water from an earthen pot is a healthy way to beat the summer heat. The water stored in a clay pot has a refreshing flavor and gets cooled to as much as 14-15 degree Celsius within a few hours. The water, in fact, is just at the “right temperature” in a clay pot – neither too warm for a summer sip, nor too chilled like refrigerated water, which is infamous for causing instant throat infections.

Wondering how does a clay pot cool water in it? Now this is very basic science. Like any earthenware, a clay pot is porous in nature. It has no coating on its outer surface whatsoever. So, when water is poured into it, the inner walls absorbs some amount of water and moisten the outer surface. This moisture when evaporates uses up the inner heat of the earthen pot, and consequently, brings down the overall temperature of the container. This effect works as long as the pores on the clay pot are kept clean and moist. For this, you just need to cleanse your pot on a regular basis, and you have a perfect chiller for your home. And the good thing is, this chiller does not increase your electricity bill either.

So, as you go green to quench your thirst this summer, use some creativity to make your clay pot look beautiful and befitting for your gorgeous home decor. Earthen pots available in the market come in various shapes and sizes. While a small pot may be easier to handle, a larger matka is always preferable for storing more water in summer days because you never know when your taps run dry. But nowadays, earthen pots are also available with small taps fitted to their sides and little above the bases. Go for this variety as they are really easy to use.

Now, once you have got yourself an earthen pot, take out your paint brushes and colors and start painting it. At first, hand-polish the outer surface of the pot with a piece of sand paper, and color it with enamel paint. Then, after the paint dries thoroughly, put on the base color and leave it to dry. Now, draw the pattern of your choice around the clay pot with a pencil or a piece of chalk. Once done with it, fill the designs with different colors, leave it to air dry. Finally, put a coat of varnish paint to give it a shining finish. But be careful with the last step – an overdose of varnish paint, can clog your pot pores for good. So, just go in for a single coat, and your decorative clay pot is ready.

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