Creative Paper Bag Crafts To Recycle Old Paper Bags

There is another problem with recycling paper bags. Only about 80% of all paper bags end up in landfills. There they often go for decades, or perhaps hundreds of years, not biologically due to lack of oxygen.

Organic packaging is a real craze nowadays, and rightly so! This is a really nice way to recycle some old paper bags into a nice and reusable tape. This Roben-Marie paper pocket tape is made from brown paper bags and lace pieces. Just open the bags to make flat sheets of paper and add your own pen design. I love the snowflake design on this Alisa Burke wrapping paper, but you can choose the design you want.

The general rule I use for this method is to start with a piece of paper twice as wide as it is long. Just take a single piece and let it fold while you read. This also gives you a double layer of paper for a stronger bag. Your finished bag is more square than with the method described above and will be approximately 9 ″ x 7 ″ after completion.

However, not all paper bags are covered with aluminum foil and plastic. Some bags of sugar and flour contain several layers of paper. They can be accepted into the recycling program or organic compounds in your community. If it’s a clean tear, you probably don’t have to throw it away. So one option I explore is how to make an environmentally friendly paper bag with old newspapers. Yes, I still get the newspaper one day a week, I know a lot of people don’t even do that anymore!

These Design Sponge paper flashlights look beautiful in your garden for a special occasion. Personalize any flashlight with a haircut (I love the shapes of the leaves on it!), and add a tea light. The candles shine through the holes and project next to a beautiful shine on the rest of the bag.

You can easily switch to different colors or different tape patterns that suit your interior. Have you been looking for the classic brown paper lunch bags you remember?? These eco-friendly versions are made from 50% paper bags for supermarkets recycled fibers after consumption and are not bleached, making them good for the environment and 100% compostable. So do not place plastic bags and wraps in your container if your recycling program says NO ..

There is no mistake when it comes to building a paper bird’s nest. The Crazy Craft Lady Dress up your houseplants with regular brown paper bags. For natural charm, simply place your plants in folded crumpled paper bags and tie them with thread and tape.

Just fold them up and ask the cashier to use your bag instead of giving you a new one when you pay. As more and more stores switch to paper bags, you are more than likely to have a closet full and have no ideas on how to reuse them. The key to keeping paper shopping bags out of landfills is to find new applications that go beyond the obvious.