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  • Real Tatooine Planets

    The world first met the imaginary, sand-ravaged desert planet Tatooine in 1977, when it debuted in the very first Star Wars film. This strange fictional world was home to Luke Skywalker and others. To the whole bizarre nature of this dry sandy planet was added that it was not one sun, but two! Astronomers once […]

  • Diamond Planet

    “More curious and curious,” exclaimed Alice, lost in Wonderland, inhabited by a truly impressive array of eccentrics. His words can easily be supported by today’s planet hunters looking for planets beyond the sun – planets orbiting stars other than our sun – who have discovered an eerie array of other “eccentric balls” inside us. Scientists […]

  • Jumping Jupiter! It’s “Einstein’s Planet”!

    The search for planets orbiting stars other than our Sun has proved to be a long and difficult search, and their final discovery almost a generation ago is certainly one of mankind’s greatest achievements. The first extrasolar planet orbiting a star like our Sun was discovered in 1995, and now, nearly twenty years later, astronomers […]

  • Hot Jupiter Planets Halt Their Inward Death March

    In 1995, when Dr. Michel Major and Dr. Didier Keloz of the Geneva Observatory in Switzerland announced their historic discovery of the very first evidence that a distant planet revolves around a very distant star similar to the Sun. – outside our solar system, many scientists knew about it. Embarrassed. These observations showed that in […]

  • Earth-Like Planets Are Tasty Tidbits For Hungry Stars!

    The first exoplanet orbiting a sun-like star was a massive burner spotted by two Swiss astronomers who made the historic discovery in 1995. Since then, about 1,800 exoplanets have been discovered orbiting stars in the sky beyond our sun. a huge amount of information describing many rich and strange alien worlds that astronomers can spread. […]

  • Ingredients For Cooking Earth-Like Planets Are Abundant In Milky Way

    Our Sun and its well-known and charming family of planets, moons, asteroids and comets formed when a dense drop of matter took refuge in the undulating folds of one of the many huge, cold and dark molecular clouds that haunted our Milky Way. collapsed under the powerful and ruthless pull of his own gravity. These […]

  • Did The First Life In The Universe Emerge On Diamond Planets?

    Carbon planets are “eccentric” worlds; strange animals inhabiting a planetary zoo belonging to the families of stars far beyond our Sun. Extremely dark, whimsical, rocky and very carbon-rich. Some planetary scientists suggest that at least a third of the mass of the carbon planet is made up of diamonds. Although our own Earth consists of […]

  • Exomoons: When Parent-Planets Go Their Separate Ways

    Young restless planets like to roam through their solar system – they usually destroy their environment with their reckless disasters, moving erratically around their stars. Such planetary migration occurs when a planet interacts with a disk of gas and dust revolving around their star hosts, or with primary planetary building blocks called planetszimali. But what […]

  • Brown Dwarfs And Giant Planets Are Only Distant Cousins

    Brown dwarfs are often referred to as ‘stars’ on a stranded ‘because they were born with insufficient mass to ignite their star-studded nuclear fusion lights – even though they formed as their more massive ‘real’, fiery, attractive and scorching. Hydrogen. Star parents. Because of their small size, astronomers found it difficult to distinguish brown dwarfs […]

  • The Strange Case Of The Planet That Shouldn’t Be There

    Historically, finding the Holy Grail of planets orbiting stars behind our Sun has proved difficult. The discovery of the first exoplanet orbiting a star similar to the Sun occurred a generation ago, and this is certainly one of mankind’s greatest achievements. The discovery of a giant exoplanet can be compared to observing light reflecting from […]