Beginners Guide to Spotify.

Five years have passed since Spotify was publicly launched and the focus of the music industry shifted towards streaming as a means to combat illegal download. Although the flowing business model is far from perfect, even the most informal music lovers should test the broadcast as it continues to grow.

Signing Up

 As with most services, you can register at Spotify by connecting your Facebook account to get the best social features, or creating an account using your email address. Choose the subscription that suits your music habits. Prices are in US dollars, but the levels are the same at the international level.

Check your preferences and privacy settings to make sure you are sharing the exact thing with the world.

Organizing Your Music

You will get your collection on the left sidebar. Here, you can access local files (go to Preferences to access the files “Spotify” files where files can be downloaded), and saved to playlists. The library puts all the music in one place. By accessing the files stored in your hard drive, all of you will not need to open a iTunes Store, Spotify, iTunes, or any other player to listen to all your music.


Playlists are the hot favorites of Spotify. You can create your own by clicking a new playlist button, or following and adding to other users’ playlists. Save an album as a playlist.

Play Queue

This option is convenient when you’re not listening to an album, because it puts the song right in the right-click menu and puts it down from the current track, and discovers the song.

Sharing and Discovering Tunes

Spotify lets you see what your network (your friends, artists and organizations) are listening to. You will be notified when your next following artists add music to their calories.

Sending and Sharing Music

You can highlight your favorite music on Spotify’s social feeds by sharing with the theme of an artist, an album, Also to get initial boost you can buy spotify plays or streams to get initial exposure on your tracks.


The discovery session is filled with recommendations. If you are having trouble getting something new to listen, you can miss out on this page. In addition to the new artists you love now, you’ll be reminded of Spotify’s albums and songs for a period of time. Sometimes the recommendations are not right, but the algorithm can help improve. Unfortunately, no options to accept or modify suggestions at this time.


Spotify’s unique apps can help you find music while you are not in the mood of inspiration, or you want to change the way out. Some apps will tell you the song you are listening to, others will let you review, and a few will show you what’s trending on Maps, the web, and social media.


The Spotify radio functions are just like the standard Internet radio service. You can even use them in the mobile app, even if you’re not the premium Spotify user.

Spotify’s mobile app is a mini version of the web player (although tablet apps closely resemble the web player), from which you can select playlists for offline listening, to save your data usage. This is only available for Premium users.

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