An Autumn Weekend In Park City, Utah

As Utah’s best-known ski area, Park City has a small community environment and is the perfect base for large-scale adventure. Whether you’re visiting in summer or winter, the historic mining town offers attractions for everyone from world-class dining options to even bobsleighs. That means you don’t have to be a skier or guest to go on vacation in Park City. Of course, if you live on fresh dust, you will find a lot of it. If you fancy a weekend full of sledding, ski bars and mountain biking, we’ve got you covered. Park City is actually the first golden-level ride center of the international mountain bike association with over 400 miles of trails.

While the summer sun burns the lowest heights, the alpine climate in this mountain hut can easily be degrees Fahrenheit cooler than the Salt Lake Valley. Add great attractions and lavish accommodation and you have the characteristics of an unforgettable summer vacation. A common local saying is, “I came for the winter but I stayed for the summer.”Here’s a list of our favorite things to do during the summer months. Aqua X Zone is a very nice experience at the Jordanelle Reservoir, just 20 minutes from Park City. The floating park has slides, rafts, swings and more, and it’s a perfect summer activity for those really hot days. There are plenty of scenic tours near Park City and it’s a lot of fun to take a little day trip to the nearby mountains or lakes.

It’s a great way to see more of the mountain and meet friends for a meal or drink between races on some outposts on the trails. If you’re interested in learning Park City history, but it’s not a museum type, the museum also offers a walking tour of Main Street. The tour includes the city’s historic Western architecture, notable events and prominent characters from Park City. In the spring, the snow begins to melt and Park City’s lower highways are exposed, even though higher paths still require snowshoes. So if you’re looking for a panoramic view of snow-covered mountains and trees, but don’t feel like putting on snowshoes, head to this summary of the best spring tracks in Park City and choose a path.

And of course the mountains make the place, so mountain boots are recommended for your package list, but you don’t have to spend all your time or anytime in the outdoor equipment. There is a lot to do and Park City Private Lodging Homes the route can be as relaxed or active as you want. Alpine Slide & Mountain Coaster You don’t have to learn to ski or snowboard to experience an exciting alpine descent at Park City Mountain Resort.

A very nice activity is taking a panoramic walk with a ski lift. There is a ski lift right on the historic main street that you can take or travel in one of Deer Valley Resort, Canyons or Park City Mountain. Most Park City resorts have summer lifts to take people up the mountain. There is a lot to do once you are on top, including hiking, picnics and mountain biking.