50 Elegant Ideas To Decorate The House

I became obsessed with creating the “perfect” design style for this house. Our last home was our first outing as owners and I was genuinely excited to paint the walls, nail nails to the wall, and experiment urban treasures showflat with decorating. It feels more permanent, a place where I imagine that I live for a long time. If you don’t know where to start and the idea of making decoration decisions paralyzes you, you’re not alone!

Tea carts, side tables and plant stands can be a great place to start. The shelves really stand out when the back is painted. The effect is subtle, but it certainly can be seen. And I usually feel like it, but every few months I start to feel itchy by doing a little work. So after choosing the general mood and style and thinking about the colors based on your mood board and choosing all the inspiring objects, it’s time to paint the wall. Expect renewed interest in hand-applied finishes on walls and floors that are not afraid to be shiny.

Image boards will never have a dull moment, I promise. Let’s go with the same idea of bathroom lighting. While you can add some air lighting to help you in the shower, you want a wall wall wall wall to illuminate your face for makeup application or shave your beard. You will like it much more than any light coming from the ceiling. The largest part in the room is usually the most important and the most expensive. That is why it is important to start with that piece and continue from there.

Download this free printable planner to track project checklists, quotes, paint colors and more. Now fall in love with the shelves, because once you put them in your house, you are addicted. They contain your books, your photos, your plants, your travel decorations, your extra blankets and they will be another space in your living room that you can decorate. Plants are undoubtedly one of the best ways to decorate your living room. The vegetation in each room brings a sense of life and home to the room, but especially in the room where his family and friends gather for coffee and conversations.

Here are 6 colors you shouldn’t have in your room. “Painting is extremely cheap and makes a big difference,” said Keysha Jillian, chief interior designer and owner of K. Note the pre-existing features in your home that you can emphasize for home decoration ideas. Architectural details such as cornices, wooden beams, wooden floors, built-in shelves and mosaic splashes are worth focusing on. These details don’t just seem expensive; they are expensive. Make them as prominent as possible: keep them clean, clutter-free and the focal point of the room.

Layers now occur with carpets – don’t be afraid to mix and match your patterns. Hand-dyed fabrics finished with interesting prints and the hand-printed wall coverings are part of the look. When I plan my wall decoration, I usually put everything I intend to hang on the walls on the first floor to play with different combinations.

If neutral colors aren’t your thing, striking colors can scream “elegant” with a bigger hit, says interior designer Douglas Graneto. “Deep tones with shiny finishes are the right choice,” he says. For example, a deep navy wall with gold and purple contrast in the decoration can radiate glamorous energy that can certainly feel luxurious.”Make sure you avoid these colors at your home. The clear wallpaper adds dimension to a flat area. Choose just a touch of shine with a semi-brilliant or bright shine to keep it stylish, eye-catching, Reiner says.

If you use multiple lamps in a room, try to vary the dimensions, colors and shapes of the lamps (unless they are a matching set). These are excellent for placing small decorative items and knickknacks. Add glass bottles / flower vases, trinkets, things you picked up from your travels and other beautiful things to the shelves that match your interior decoration.

Furniture may be the most important aspect of decoration; If you miss furniture or have used the same pieces for many years, consider bringing some new furniture to your home. Choose comfortable pieces in colors and styles that suit your personality. If your kitchen cabinets are monotonous, refresh them with paint and change the hardware.

In her living room, her family comes together to rest, where her guests gather to hang out, where all her birthday parties take place, etc. A ceiling fan helps cool the room when it is full of warm bodies and makes it comfortable for everyone. But for heaven’s sake let your side table lamps do the lighting work. Choose from your map and inspiring images the specific furniture (sofas, chairs and tables) that make the space habitable. Depending on the desired environment, you can go in very different directions. To take ideas about a map a step further, use the painter’s tape in the royal space to sketch where the furniture will be placed on the floors and against the walls.