5 Leu Dingies To Do On The Island Of Amelia

In addition, it has many boutiques and offers a variety of lush restaurants. With over 90 characteristic restaurants to choose from, it’s a gamble you won’t go hungry during your visit. Choose from sea hangouts, gourmet restaurants chaired by award-winning chefs, mother burgers and pop, or the peaceful intimacy of a romantic bistro. Food enthusiasts love the Eight Flags Island Shrimp Festival which is held every May, where our beloved crustaceans are served the way you want.

In addition, it is home to several wildlife, including lynxes, swamp rabbits, river otters and migratory birds. Did you know that we are the only place in the United States where eight different flags have been waved?? Go beyond the beach to the hidden history of Amelia Island, yours to discover in five different museums, which are open all year round and welcome to all ages. These museums have everything from pinball and pirates to our amelia island family fishing charters shrimp history and the historic African-American journey of vision, struggle, joy and triumph. Go back in time until 1864 at Fort Clinch State Park, where soldiers recreate life during the civil war or hike through the center’s historic district and learn about David Levy Yulee, who is the first trans-peninsular railroad in Florida created. Just off the northeast coast of Florida, Amelia Island is easily accessible, but hard to forget.

Main Beach Park is perfect for family holidays and includes a playground, comfort facilities and an ADA Mobi-Mat to facilitate access to the beach. Fernandina Beach is the beach community connected to Amelia Island and is where the historic downtown really is located. It’s a 15-minute short journey and technically Fernandina Beach is worth the trip.

Look for dolphins, wild horses and a variety of seabirds as you sail along beautiful coasts and unique photos. Fort Clinch is the island’s largest state park and has access to the beach, a fishing pier, and is home to the Civil War fort. The largest nature reserve on the island of Amelia, spends time outdoors exploring the coastal nature. With a vast coastline along the Atlantic Ocean, Cumberland Sound and the Amelia River, you shouldn’t miss the view of the boardwalk. Restaurants in the historic Amelia Island district include Timoti, which serves only wild-caught seafood.

It has five miles of white sandy beaches, as well as sea forests, dunes and swamps. You can cycle on the beach and even rent bicycles at the park ranger station. Big Talbot State Park offers hiking and the picturesque beach of Boneyard. Egan’s Creek Park is a 300-hectare protected park and a green road on Fernandina Beach, stretching along the Greek Egan of Amelia Island. Originally developed as a passive recreation site and greenway in 2000, the park offers a maze of grassy trails open to hikers and cyclists.