35 Of The Best Scarves For Women In 2022

The Canada fringe number from Acne Studio is one of the brand’s most popular and is effortlessly stylish and versatile. The simple and sophisticated design features the label logo discreetly at an angle, but otherwise it is a uniform spread of 100% wool. Injecting color into your winter wardrobe can be daunting if you normally stick to black, gray, or blue.

If you’re looking for an affordable piece to rival Acne Studio’s £ 200 + scarves, you can’t go wrong. Thanks to its warmth and soft texture, the best cashmere scarves are an achievable luxury. Cashmere is derived from cashmere goats, which live in icy climates and therefore produce a super warm undercoat from which the soft fibers are brushed and then spun into yarn to create cashmere clothing and accessories. And although it is not as cold as the -30 degrees Himalayas, winters on the east coast and in the mountains can be cruel.

It is the perfect gift for personal care, partly made with recycled materials and with a mosaic of pastel prints that gives a nice touch to a snowy day. The Waffle knitted scarf will be great for adding a quick pop of color to your ensemble. It also has all the boxes one is looking for in a great basic, between its soft and thick makeup, its medium length and its clean and minimalist aesthetic. Raved an enthusiastic buyer, ” this scarf is gorgeous! It is perfect to wear with a dress jacket or wear with jeans and a jacket.” The oversized look of this wool scarf is offset by the timeless stripes. It adds a touch of class to your winter outfit; this is a perfect scarf for every day, but it would also look great with a tailored suit, a sharp jacket or evening wear.

And for minimalists, the only detail is a small embossed leather patch from AllSaints. It’s tempting to opt for a scarf that’s neutral, but scarves are a great opportunity to inject some color into your winter wardrobe. So why not choose your favorite shade or an accent color that looks great with the rest of your winter knitwear? You can also have a lot of fun with the pattern, in a subtle or vibrant way. True, Burberry stands out above other brands in terms of luxury, and that doesn’t change when it comes to something as simple as a fringed scarf. The Fjallraven Arctic fox is not just a mascot, it is emblematic of the brand’s resilience when faced with the winter elements.

These scarves come in all types of fabrics, from silk to lambswool, yarn and cashmere, at least one of which is sure to suit your style. Opt for a more daring steampunk style with the black Houndstooth prodotti lana alpaca plaid scarf by Alexander McQueen. It is printed with the brand’s signature skull motif, which reflects the themes of life and death often seen in the designer’s work, and a brand logo.

Ideal for adding a touch of color to winter, the tassel fringe and bright plaid design enliven even the simplest outfits. Our only problem was that it felt a little scratched towards the end of a long period of use, but given the cost, this is a small price to pay. We complete our list with the Virgin wool scarf with Moncler logo appliques, a decorated ribbed offering that embodies an aura of essential elegance.