Because there are few affordable agricultural waste schemes for small farmers, they would usually be incinerated. Smoke pollution around fire seasons has a serious impact on air quality in many areas. Because we are now buying these discarded shells, the extra income from what was once waste is a welcome bonus for many families. If you’re thinking about using the discarded bowls as compost, consider that coconut shells take months to decompose.

Now I like to use them for my morning oatmeal or freshly cooked vegetables and snacks throughout the day. I’ve found that bowls are easy to clean by hand with warm water and soap and are much more durable than they seem. They are also a good alternative to tupperware or plastic camping bags. A single coconut tree can produce an average of 75 coconuts per year, and each coconut shell thrown away can make two coconut shells. That means each tree can produce 150 bowls of coconut every year.

The coconut industry in countries like Vietnam is booming and harvests coconuts for their meat, water, sugar and oil. Unfortunately, 99% of shells are discarded and incinerated coconut bowls manufacturer as waste, i.e. billions of shells per year. Coconut shells are a renewable resource, and each tree produces up to 100 coconuts per year over a lifetime of years.

Due to the lifestyle changes that coconut shells can bring about, they can also inspire you to eat sustainably. Add that to the all-natural look of these bowls, and you may be more inclined to select locally grown produce and eat more consciously. Did you know that eating in a coconut bowl with a spoon has incredible benefits?

Charlotte Ross I love the look of coconut shells, the efficiency of eating hot or cold meals in them and their eco-friendly look. This was one of those simple treasures that I found random and now I love telling people. Charlotte Ross first saw onearthyandy coconut shells, an Instagram account based on Hawaiian plants. The account posts pictures of healthy meals served in these bowls that always look super tasty and fun, so I decided to order some for myself. I went to the official site of Coconut Bowls, where I learned that these bowls are much more than trendy dishes at home or to go. But putting greasy or artificial sweets in my bowls never crossed my mind!

He discovered that this line of craftsmanship was actually very environmentally friendly and offered work for many Indonesians. In fact, the coconut industry has many leftover shells that are thrown into landfills or incinerated as waste when not reused. McKeon decided to bring coconut bowls into the mainstream and created the Coconut Bowls company. Coconut shells are a must-have eco-friendly addition to your kitchen.

If you’re ready to buy coconut shells for yourself or as a gift, click here. All our coconut shells are hand-picked and stored in our Brisbane warehouse for fast delivery. We deliver throughout Australia including Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Canberra, Perth, Adelaide, Darwin and Hobart. To ensure that your coconut bowl lasts a lifetime, it’s important that you polish your bowls and spoons with each use. In this short story, we explain why we love coconut shells so much! You’ll discover what inspired the first little broccoli product and how coconut shells make little green changes…

Another advantage of making coconut shells by hand is that the process consumes significantly less energy than the mass production process of other types of bowls. Mass production has led to the exploitation of raw materials and has caused harmful levels of pollution. It also continues to deplete huge amounts of energy resources, resulting in more pollution, emissions from global warming and other environmental problems. With handmade coconut shells, on the other hand, you don’t have to worry about that.

They invite us to be creative, to give some time to the presentation of our meals. Not only do we eat with our hands or stomach, the eyes are also very important in the process of satiety and satisfaction. Mindful eating and sustainability go hand in hand, and coconut shells are a great reminder to feel gratitude for your food and where it comes from.

While the coconut industry is booming, there is still a socio-economic problem that needs to be addressed. That’s why another great thing about getting coconut shells for your home is that it helps promote the livelihood of a rural community in Vietnam. Of planting a tree in the rainforests for every 10 coconut shells they sell.