25 Interesting Facts About Costa Rica

Delicious and abundant fresh food; juicy tropical fruits; good weather, friendly people and outdoor adventure are all the reasons Costa Rica is a popular holiday destination. In terms of the country’s background, the nation is about the same size as West Virginia in the United States. With a content of 4 percent of the Earth’s biodiversity, Costa Rica is one of the most biologically diverse countries in the world. Scientists estimate that about 4 percent of terrestrial species live in Costa Rica. The nation has tropical forests and cloud forests, sunny beaches, mountains, volcanoes, hot springs, waterfalls and rivers, as well as all the actions you would expect in these countries. A quarter of the country in this beautiful country is protected and it is not surprising that Costa Rica chooses to keep its largest assets.

However, here are some things you may not know about Costa Rica. These initiatives offer personalized tours for visitors who want to immerse themselves in a new culture. Through Costa Rica’s Sustainability Certification Program, numerous accommodations partner with the Costa Rican Tourism Board to provide sustainable and local experiences to curious travelers.

Costa Rica is a peaceful country and has not had a permanent army since 1948. The government offers free education to citizens up to the 11th grade, as well as medical care. Costa Rican citizens enjoy a high standard of living: there is an literacy rate of 96 percent and an average life expectancy of 78 years. It rains all year round in Costa Rica (I have to keep the country green), so bring a light raincoat.

Likewise, mountains can be colder when other parts of the country are pleasantly warm. With the tropical climate and mountainous terrain of the nation, many roads are difficult to maintain and never Bachelor Party in Costa Rica much has been paved. Relatively short distances can last for many hours due to poor road conditions or traffic, and some roads are simply inaccessible during the rainy season when rivers swell.

Therefore, put your travel dollars in the public interest by supporting Costa Rican citizens and the environment where possible. “Okay, but what is Costa Rica’s economy based on?”questions. Costa Rica’s economy revolves around foreign investment and tourism. In the past decade, Costa Rica has attracted companies from the United States, including IBM, Dell and Western Union.