10 Things You Need To Know Before Travelling To Europe

Let them know where you’re going and the dates you’re away from, because after all the credit card hacking, they’ll immediately put a lock on your card and this can put a real brake on your journey. So call quickly in advance or go online to avoid this hassle. Here’s our list of credit card partners: make sure you get one with no foreign transaction fees and a chip and pin. I had my mobile phone with a pickpocket at delhi railway station during my first visit to India. I’m glad it was just the phone and not my passport or credit card. Fortunately, my partner had his laptop with him so I could contact the cell phone company in writing and let them know what had happened.

Research and learn what travel vaccinations you may need for the areas you plan to visit, and make sure you get your vaccinations well before you leave your trip. You don’t have to stay in expensive hotels while traveling. Don’t forget to check your credit cards to see which ones include travel insurance.

It is important that you contact the embassy of the country you are travelling to before taking your pet abroad. Many countries have restrictions on whether you can bring your pet to your country. Similarly, if there is a state of emergency and you are evacuated from the country, pets are not always allowed in the carrier, so it is always worth taking into account as well. For most places, your pets should be aware of all their vaccinations and all pet identification should be in order.

They have no service fee for withdrawals from various ATMs of European banks belonging to Scotiabank Global Alliance. Before you leave the country, it’s always smart to check with your bank to see what ATM fees you can expect. To find your bank, simply search for your name and international ATM partners. Some cell phone plans allow international travel and use without additional fees and charges.

Choose one or two credit cards to take with you and call publishers shortly before you leave to tell them which countries you’ll be visiting. Otherwise, your credit card may be declined because the issuer may find international activity suspicious. Reduce the risk of fraud by leaving cards that you don’t plan to use during your trip.

Learn how to contact your credit card company from abroad. Toll-free numbers do not work from outside the United States, but credit card companies accept collect calls to a designated number. Be sure to check the foreign embassy of the country you are traveling to or passing through to find out which prescription drugs are luxe reis antarctica allowed or illegal in the country. That said, you shouldn’t just allow popular places during your trip. Make it a point to visit some more overlooked areas where you might run into some locals. Often you get a better understanding of the culture of the country you’re in and you have a story to tell that few others do.

There are a lot of things you couldn’t even think of, but it’s easy enough to research “do’s and don’ts” infographics in different countries to get that information. Unless you’re traveling in the United States or Puerto Rico, or off the grid, you’ll probably need an adapter to charge your electronic devices. And depending on your phone coverage and/or plan, you may want to buy a prepaid phone card for international calls. Otherwise, Wi-Fi can be your friend to communicate with people at home. This way, if your debit card doesn’t work, you can always use your cash and change it to the local currency.

Request a card that doesn’t charge that fee for $$. You can use that card exclusively for travel and often earn loyalty points for all your transactions that can help pay for future trips. If you want to see more cards that don’t charge foreign transaction fees, check out our list of the best travel credit cards. The driver shows our sympathy for the unvalidated train tickets. We also saw the “pay with Canadian dollar” on our credit cards in Switzerland. Finally, for any Canadian traveler, consider dealing with the online bank “Tangerine”.

It also has to do with exchange rates and fees. If you choose to pay in local currency, you will pay your card exchange rate when it is processed on your statement, which may vary from day to day. This, in turn, can increase the bank’s transaction fees. Usually it’s not a big difference, but it all adds up if the exchange rate isn’t in your favor. Usually you do not need a visa to make a short trip.

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